Monday, 30 March 2015

The weekend and all the way up to day 89

It's been cold and windy here in home counties in the last few days. The countryside is full of road kill but stuff that gets flown in your way is diverse and creative. Like this nice trampoline that gracefully floated above the low hedges and landed right in front of the car I was travelling in.

Such adventures aside, I'd managed to pick some low level infection that is making my throat miserable and with my job based on 90% talking, no day off for over 10 days and it is all a rather unpleasant experience. I was once given an advice to utilise breathing and voice projection techniques of opera singers as apparently simply talking a lot can give you throat infections regardless.
I have never gotten round to practice singers' wisdoms although it seems logical they would be the ones to know how to look after their vocal cords.

What makes me wonder though is how effective those methods would be if taken outside and tried in a wind that stuffs all the words back into your face the second they manage to stumble out ;)

Troubles with internet connection makes updating daily a tricky job but I am hoping it won't be a regular issue.

Link to the book on Amazon: HERE

On another note, I have just came across this book (pic left) - If I like it I will pop a review on Aspire blog at some point, if I don't like it, well, I will remain silent ;)

Speaking of reviews, one of the bloggers involved in Aspire blog has recently reviewed a rather interesting and educational horse game so if you are into online stable creations and living a parallel equestrian universe do check it out.
Alice's review of Star Stable awaits you HERE

The world today, with all that virtual reality available must be a paradise for all the introverted, horse mad teens.

We are now plummeting into Easter holiday with its usual, relentless disruptions to all services that I badly rely on.  Roll on driving licence ;)

Until tomorrow! (Hopefully!)
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