Sunday, 8 March 2015

Day 66 & 67: The weekend, the making of a new eventing series on Aspire blog and general positivity

Let's start with this little video :)

For some time I'd been wondering about the training diary idea that would follow one of my clients on Performance programme (riders competing at Grassroots levels - and perhaps beyond one day - of the sport,) to bring an enjoyable, relatable series.

I want to see how the idea goes but since Aspire blog is gaining viewers and popularity steadily I think it's only fitting that it helps the riders who help make it into what it is. Depending on how time consuming the series becomes, I will try to add at least one more horse and maybe another rider-horse combination in either pure jumping or dressage. It's very much a test of whether a little coach like me with a small but growing blog audience can help a rider become more visible and perhaps even attractive to some sponsors/supporters. We shall see.

Here is an introduction to the series if you wanted to check it out :)

Even though I have never officially worked in marketing, I did study it for almost five years so part of me wants to test if that genuine, fun, simple and honest way that we all so enjoyed at project level at University some 12 years ago can be applicable to real life as it is right now...In the world of deception and online craze, can simply telling an honest story still create opportunities? Perhaps not but I am tempted to try!

The weekend was fabulous weather wise, we had lots of fun and I had way to many layers on me following a deceptively sunny Friday that froze me to the bone!
Now, I have an exciting plan to lie on the bed with latest Horse & Hound and a bunch of weekend papers before I had over to Hampshire tomorrow to teach one of my most committed riders who only missed 2 sessions in some 8 months! (and the second one was due to my being unwell).

Feeling happy for no apparent reason today so sending you some happy vibes dear readers :)
Until tomorrow!

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