Friday, 27 March 2015

Day 85 & 86: Admin, interesting videos and a new haircut dilemma

Organising my weeks ahead. There is something very calming and relaxing in having everything where it is suppose to be. At least for a short moment before schedules get turned upside down, lessons get postponed, trains cancelled etc - the usual daily malarkey ;)

I came across a rather interesting series of videos recently and I think at least some of you might be interested. The videos are in form of discussions about stress in riding, happiness, biomechanics and dressage :) Check them out here: (they are free when you sign up for Karen's news (just scroll down the page for sign up button).

On subject of haircut, I admit to being very lazy when it comes to my hair (read: I have it cut once or twice a year ;) but I do feel like giving my hairdresser a little work this time!

So, I wonder if I should go for a fringe and maybe lighter colour (although not as light as below simulation, that's just for the cut itself):

Btw, this the before (although still current ;) Isn't it incredible how one can change one's appearance just by changing hair cut and colour? Well, and adding some make up I suppose. 

I am thinking of the bottom left as far as style of the cut as it seems to match my hair type closest and my own colour with some lighter touch - not going for the light blond, way too high maintenance!
If you fancy giving your opinion, comment away :)
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