Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day 76: Mostly awareness and perception today

Every several weeks I focus the Foundation programme lessons mostly on awareness and feel. Sometimes on the lunge, sometimes not but the idea is for the rider to train internal concentration, feeling how movement changes and affects their bodies, how much movement they can feel and how much they are able to act on that feel without unnecessary tension.

These are not easy sessions but they help the rider bond with the movement :) They help the rider make friends with bumps about the saddle and shifts of weight and even with some unbalanced discomfort.

They also teach joint motion and awareness of it. They teach throughness but to the rider :)
I really rate them and see huge improvement in the rider's perception and understanding of what feeling through the seat really means.

Riders who are a little too busy through their bodies, become more stable and quieter. Riders who are too loose and floppy, become naturally more organised in their bodies.

Training the rider is the key. Once the rider is good, the horse can enjoy the learning...

New boy has arrived for one of my riders on Development Programme. He is a one handsome cob! And oh so friendly :) 

Until tomorrow!
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