Friday, 2 January 2015

A very productive kind of day

Early start today which is never easy for me but always worth it. There is something good for the soul in an early morning :)

It all has even more special feel in the winter when light behaves shyly and disappears quickly. I do like those morning bird songs and a little dew on a day that can't decide whether it's supposed to be frosty or mild and has that peaceful "others not yet out and about" aura.

Once a week I teach at a nearby stud but as lessons often stretch out time wise and I end up waiting around for horses to be ready, I packed my laptop and worked on my book, blog and various admin stuff in between the lessons.

You know when you have that productive day feeling at the end of it all? That :)

Horses worked great, I got six blog posts drafted for my educational blog and one fully done and posted. It's my resolution to blog more on Aspire blog providing both original content that pushes me to analyse and reflect more on my teaching as well as share interesting, educational, inspirational, motivational content from various places around the web.
The post I did today I had wanted to write for a while but needed time to play with photos to illustrate my points well. I think it turned out ok but would love to know what you think:

Link to the post:
Another early morning start tomorrow so off to bed now to catch some bedtime reading before catching some sleep :) Until tomorrow!

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