Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Experimenting with flavours and health

Most repetitive points of life that have to be done every day bore me beyond oblivion. Just to give you an idea of an extent of that boredom, I sometimes prefer to just drink two cartons of thick smoothie that would fill me up for most of the day just so I don't have to go shopping for food one more freaking time.

My current favourite breakfast: porridge oats with Fruit & Nut mix, Chia seed and honey - all in  warm milk. Also - my not-so-favourite green veg that I tried for the first time two days ago. Tastes okay but texture is dreadful :-/

It's not so much the act of going to the shop as such but also having to make decisions about what to eat, how to make it and then making it. Every. Blooming. Day. 

But. There is a big but! I do love fresh, flavoursome food. I do believe we are what we eat and what we put into ourselves can either make us feel well or very much not.
In order to break that shopping boredom I gave myself a challenge of trying some new foods this year. It's not going well ;) The ingredients I would like to add more of to my eating habits are various greens which I am not a big fan of. There is just something about the texture that puts me off. 

Could be the case of getting used to it? 

I'm not really interested in any diets but rather in ways of making food - shopping and food - making more of an adventure rather than a chore. If any of you writes a food blog with easy, healthy recipes out of fresh produce (as little processed food as possible) please let me know :) 
It's been a long day today running my Intensive Training Day for two fabulous ladies, lots of fun and plenty of hard work as usual. My internet connection behaved well and I have all the videos uploaded and ready for sending to the riders tomorrow which makes my organisational OCD very happy indeed. 

Very interesting day tomorrow with a reasonably early finish so I hope not be on my laptop until  midnight ;) 
Night night!

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