Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 22: Keeping up with the Joker

Everything about Joker's movement today was slightly better than on Monday. His reaction to a simple massage technique I use with him was also more positive. However, the owner finally managed to get hold of his full health history from previous vet clinic so we shall see what the current vet thinks is the best course of action in light of those documents - whether to continue with original plan of 30 days remedial work and medications or to start with a more diagnostic approach earlier.

For those interested, here is some information about the type of injury he suffered several years ago:

I'd spent most of the afternoon and evening on my laptop working on the book and on organising next month's lessons plans for my non-horse owning clients. Although I am tempted to keep on working on the book at the moment, I also want to be off the computer before midnight. Sometimes it's difficult to find a good solution to my creative side wanting to work at night and my reason telling me to grab some healthy amount of sleep.

Until tomorrow!

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