Thursday, 15 January 2015

Day 15: Learning the modern ways of word of mouth

When riders find me it's either because someone I teach recommended me to them or they found me via my coaching blog and website. The former much outweighs the latter but I have met some rather wonderful people thanks to that blog.

If not for my Aspire blog I would not have just signed up a rider from South America ( if I ever hear from anyone they struggle with travelling to do something they apparently really want to do I will have to assume they didn't really want that in the first place), I would probably never have met Maria from Norway who has been organising some of my most amazing clinics in Norway (strictly speaking we met via this very blog) and many other opportunities may have never materialised.

After all, what really is a word of mouth if not a trust and feeling that something or someone is on the same wavelength as we are, the belief that what they do might be useful for us and that we feel connected on some levels.

The above are the reasons why I personally like reading blogs over other online presences. They come with a personal stamp of genuine camaraderie which, after reading them for a longer period of time, as if you are meeting for a coffee and a chat with an old friend.

So. Today I'd been doing quite a bit of writing (I wrote two new posts for Aspire blog: 1. The Herd of Aids? - visual and thinking experiment to improve your effectiveness in the saddle   2. How one little ex-racehorse won Olympic gold jumping 1.9m (6ft2in) oxers and 4.60m (15ft) wide water jump… as well as put in a few hours on The Book.

However, the main job for me for the next few months as far as the online world goes is to learn more about the Internet's word of mouth - the SEO...and whatever else I need to know.

Therefore I don't have any more to share with you today other than: wow, this stuff couldn't be more boring! ;) I decided to learn at least the basics and as well as watching You Tube videos on the subject I'd been recommended to read the MOZ 's resources. And this is what I'd been doing.

If any of you guys reading this can point me towards other resources that can help me make Aspire blog more visible in the ocean of websites in the world of Bites, please do share!

:) Until tomorrow! Have a great day!

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