Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Day 28: Wednesday with ex-racers and cracking bones

Car alone with these guys!

They are very soppy and lovely really :)

Good day today, I dragged my ancient laptop with me to the yard today to get things done between the lessons because there are a couple of little online projects I am working on at the moment and I am usually too tired to sit to them after whole day out and about.

Further work with the lovely ex-racers today and an intro session for a new client with a very nice little warmblood mare.

The lovely grey boy I teach had chiro appointment today because he struggles with schooling work. He's about 11 weeks out of racing and doing very well in the grand scheme of things but it's always better to look after posture before muscular issues change the bones to the point of no return.

If you would like to see the video from the session, check Aspire's blog tomorrow as I will be posting a blog post about it. I haven't seen Equine McTimoney Chiropractor in action before so it was very interesting to witness. I am very curious of how this session is reflected in the horse's way of going next week. He's got a follow up appointment in 2 weeks too.

Full video coming on Aspire's blog tomorrow

Grey boy was found to be in no pain but needs attention due to very strong one-sidedness. Something that all ex-racehorses I worked with have in common. I suppose it depends on the way they are trained with not much attention if any given to their natural crookedness (although I have seen race horses in Norway being schooled in the arena as part of their racing training...)

Grey boy is 8 years old and out of a well known national hunt yard. I think he has something really special about him. Considering he's shown some superb work despite his postural difficulties says it all. I can't wait to see him out competing but it's better to be patient than over excited.

Grey boy in the morning session today. Check out Alfie the cat photobombing ;) 
The other racing boy was unsettled today, showed some great work but also some less good efforts. It's so much down to mental state with these guys, physically they often give the rider way more than any other horse but mentally they can be volatile.

Until tomorrow!


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