Thursday, 29 January 2015

Day 29: Snoozing with Joker and snow ish outside the windows

There are jobs that make you rich, and then there are those that enrich you...If only I could find one that does both ;)

It was windy and cold this morning with on/off rain but as I walk to the yard body warms up and the chill is quite pleasant. Joker worked well - on the right rein anyway. There was not much improvement in his left rein work, he really struggles to bend and organise his body to the left. The walk was quite nice but he doesn't enjoy being in the school too much. His pressure threshold is low, he quite easily goes into "but I can't!!" mode and reminds me of a child I used to teach who would say "no, can't do this" to every new exercise that they had not yet tried ;) Horses with problems are puzzling and make you forever question everything you know about how equines move, react, what's normal, what's strained, what's possible, what's not to ask for.


I got back, had a nice warm cup of tea and stood by the window...Not expecting to see this!!

Back home in Poland, this would be considered a sprinkle of snow, dusting even. Here in the UK, I look at it and see mountains upon mountains of troubles! I hope it's gone by Saturday for my London teaching or I am sure the transport disruption will be rather substantial.

My little online project is almost ready to share with you, it involves quite a bit of editing to look nice and be useful so I have to do it step by step. I hope I manage to have it ready for 1st Feb!

Until tomorrow!

P.S. If you would like to see the video footage from McTimoney session I filmed yesterday, head over to Aspire blog and watch it THERE :)


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