Friday, 9 January 2015

The cat and the Mark Rashid book that happen among teaching hours

I swear this cat hunts me. Not for meat, mind you, but for play. He waits for the right moment like when I stand still for a minute or there's a change over of horses so I am not occupied. Then he runs over for his share of attention :)

I also picked up this book today while waiting for a lift back to the station. I wish I had to wait a little longer because the book was "Horses Never Lie" by Mark Rashid, one I wanted to get my hands on for a while now.
It reads fast and I managed a couple of chapters before setting off and hope it's still at the yard next time so I can fit in more pages ;)

From all strands of "natural horsemanship" Mark Rashid's lessons of the horse's nature and thoughts of training agree most with me. There are, of course, bits and pieces that one can take out of any system and find it beneficial for different horses in different situations. However, for me personally, Rashid's view of relationship between horse and people is most intriguing and worth following...


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