Monday, 12 January 2015

Pre-New Year's Resolutions thoughts

There is something really cool about railway stations when it's not you who is rushing like a mad person to catch a train which is likely to be full with no available seat. When that's not your scenario, stations can be a hub of creative energy. All these people living their lives parallel to yours, completely unaware whether you are even there except of maybe when you smell of stables and they do notice once in a while ;)
On the whole though, we don't pay that much attention to one another at all. Staggering amount of information, smiles, angry faces, happy faces. sad eyes, happy eyes. All just a quick second or a minute of a never again recollected interaction.

It can become very clear very fast that deep down nobody really cares or notices a great deal so to be worried what others think is a profound waste of energy.

If you are wondering what on earth am I waffling about just about now, let me explain. I am thinking of my post about goals for 2015...Since I don't think I could bother with little goals that take no effort at all to achieve, I have set myself fairly daunting ones. The above waffle is me talking myself into actually putting them all in writing on here which I am planning to do on Wednesday.

Drilling one of my awesome clients today. We were doing a very simple version of interval training i.e. timed sets of different exercises that work slightly different muscles groups in each set in order to achieve overall improvement in stamina. Teaching riders who took up the sport much later in life requires different approach to the one taken with flexible teenagers or even people in their 30's. It's challenging though and very rewarding when riders put a lot of effort into the outcome :) 
Do any of you guys out there know of a good resource for riding instructors teaching riders in their late 40s and 50s? I feel that 90% of the riding processes are geared towards children and younger adults and there isn't that much about physical aspects of teaching riding to older riders. Just to be clear, I am not talking about learning to hack a quiet horse down the lanes but about teaching the basics of dressage, jumping and possibly cross country.

So yes, today I'd been deep in reflection thinking and over thinking the year ahead. There is a small deal of worry involved, some trepidation and some excitement. Such mixture can be tricky to cope with so it calls for desperate measures...

If you know me a little you probably already guessed it ;)

As a footnote, after mind blowing popularity of my "trolley" post on Aspire blog, I am seriously wondering whether conducting regular training sessions at Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury's etc might indeed be the way to go..!
I am not even sure if I am could help many riders and many horses to understand a lot about movement mechanics. Just this morning I saw a man lining up 10-15 trolleys and steering them all neatly through the door and into the appropriate area - now, there's an idea...


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