Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 18: The charm of hotels, books and Avocado Bath Bombs

Rest day today so get ready for total randomness of thought.

Question: do you think spending time in hotel lobbies, having tea or coffee in their comfy armchairs, reading, writing, sorting through things...can be considered a hobby? If so, I am quite taken with it. The problem with many Coffee Shops at the weekends is that they are magically transformed into crèches and/or teen show rooms which as endearing as it might be for some, it really doesn't create much in terms of a creative environment as I crave it.
Hotels on the other hand...they have just the right amount of buzz and goings-on without additional distractions. Love them.
An additional bonus is that they don't close early on Sundays!

If you are into genetics (and/or epigenetics) and you haven't yet read the Inheritance by Sharon Moalem - go and grab it, I think you would love it. I forgot to mention it earlier but I have finished it and it was one of the best non-fiction books I have read (if not the best). It reads a bit like a video documentary! There is not a boring moment in an entire book.

In my teens I was fascinated with genetics, admittedly animal genetics - mainly dogs and horses. If I had a teacher like Sharon during my bio-chemistry focused high school who knows what I would be up to now! ;)

My current non-horsey reading is a little book titled Cider with Rosie which I got from a friend. I shall report on it when done.

I've been mostly trying not to do much work related tasks on the rest day but I failed on that today. I find it almost impossible to switch off, hopefully it will become easier to do so with time. It's possibly rather important to have a brain space saved for other areas of life, right now most of my brain cells must have a shape of a horse's head ;)

Oh, and this lovely, incredibly scented bath bomb awaits its sizzle time tomorrow I had a Lush gift card left from Christmas and finally popped to the shop to redeem it. The whole room smells of this stuff right now ;)

My internet connection is very fragile tonight so I am going to press publish before it dies.
Until tomorrow :)


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