Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 24: Drama and addiction!

At first it's just "oh damn"...

Then it's remembering all the things you now can't do. Like inform about any possible delays. Be informed about any possible delays. Can't make the notes you planned to make. Can't check train timetable.
Then, the feeling of anxiety and stress that is completely unnecessary by all means of rational thinking. Triple tiredness from aforementioned stress and anxiety. Realisation, I can't take an important message I was waiting for. I can't listen to the podcasts I had scheduled to listen to today.

So yes. At first it's just "oh damn, I forgot my phone"..two steps later, life is really turning upside down. I am totally addicted to my phone(s) and I very well know it! Today was a stressful day ;)

Except of the lessons - these went without stress and yet again I am super happy with my lovely riders, they progress well :) 

Just in case you were wondering I have two phones. One is an actual phone, - small, lightweight little device that actually works when I need it to work by graciously having the network signal at most rural, semi-rural and built up areas. It has a battery life of about a week - yes a week! When it is nearing its life cycle it communicates clearly numerous times before eventually running out of patience after 5-6 hours (!) and popping to sleep.
Then I have an ancient smart phone with battery life of an egg, battery low warning signal that is almost non-existent and a network signal that goes more often than it comes. However, it has the world wide web at the reach of my fingers and an array of podcasts that I love listening to when travelling.
I need both of these guys to function in my out and about lifestyle and I forgot them BOTH this morning.

I almost needed counselling at the end of the day. It's not remotely funny.

Woody understand me. He feels the same about his tennis ball. 
Now, just so this whole post is not all about my shameful addiction to phones, does any of you out there read Spinal Column by Melanie Reid in The Times? I've been following Melanie's story almost since she'd started writing post her riding accident in 2010. She sure puts a lot of things in perspective ...In today's column she recollects her notes from her riding lessons. She says "If nothing else, I suppose, my notes are the summation of my riding hobby, shows passion and commitment. It doesn't mean I was good, but it does mean I continually tried to get better[...] For better or worse, I have started taking progress notes again, I need urgently to rekindle the fire, for I have learnt the scary truth of "use it or lose it"[...]"

Until tomorrow!

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