Sunday, 4 January 2015

Reclaiming Sundays

When you work with horses and especially if you teach, weekends are your prime time, busiest time. For many years I never had Sundays off work and although I never usually minded that, I would like to reclaim at least some Sundays this year.

As many of you know I don't drive so getting places on Sundays is a challenge since trains hit slow lane and there are big gaps between them. Shops close at silly hours and there is just this general laziness in the air that wants one join in and relax!

I don't think I will ever have Sundays fully free but I will work towards them being shorter work wise and work free at today.

Brilliant book I am reading now, a Santa gift from my Other Half. I will tell you more about my experience with it once I've finished :) 
Now, I do have that incurable dream of having own little centre one day so when I saw this new book, I just had to buy it. At £3.72 if bought as an e-book for Kindle it's beautifully affordable. I don't own a Kindle as such but use Amazon's Kindle for PC which is not as fantastically portable but saves the expense.

What books are you reading now? :)


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