Monday, 5 January 2015

Taking a moment

Blogging everyday means whoever reads the posts will experience my rather eclectic interests ;)

This 365 days of posting project will definitely allow me to document many moments that pass by quickly and as I am not keen on Facebook or Instagram much for photo sharing, the blog diary is just a perfect fit. Even though I have been writing paper diaries since childhood and blogging since 2007 I don't think I have ever done a daily record so far.

Equine de-mudding was heavily on the agenda today not surprisingly since the weather isn't particularly helping with clean legs and dry bodies. The conditions were great for teaching though - zero wind, just a little chill in the air, quiet and fresh :)

As a non-driver I do a lot of walking. Sometimes it's a right pain in the ass but most of the time I love the simple pleasure of relying on my two legs to take me places. One thing I do more of when I walk is notice my surroundings and appreciate details on daily basis that would otherwise almost definitely escape me.
I like stopping and taking it all in on my way home - like these guys! They live their mysterious lives on a small pond which I pass often and if they are lucky they get a slice or two of my bread. I am not sure what type of ducks are the incredibly colourful ones - do you know?

If you like them too, here is a little video:

Lovely ducks aside, walking is an amazing way to stay fit. Having done many different sports with low joint impact as a complimentary routine to riding, I find walking ingenious. It's also perfect for thinking of new exercises for riders and horses and planning of their training. Some people have ideas under the shower - walking is my own creative flow generator!

Early morning walk to station awaits me tomorrow, hope you have a great day :)

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