Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day25: Habits and changes

Videos from yesterday's and today's sessions all processed, notes made, feeling productive ;) On main photo is my teenage rider on Foundation Programme. Very excited about her progress, lovely young rider. 

It was a working Sunday for me this week and I am now questioning what on earth was I thinking starting this 365 days blogging challenge as all I want right now is to hit the pillows! Euphemism for going to sleep in case you thought I was angry at my pillows or something in those lines.

I do know what I was thinking though: I wanted to kickstart my daily writing habit. It's like brushing ones teeth, once you develop a habit life seems odd without it. The most powerful tool to success - a habit.

My late afternoon and evening was spent over my notebooks. I am starting to see the benefits of these little daily analysis sessions.
I decided to tweak my coaching services a little. I want to stop offering my Intensive Training Days for riders from outside of the programmes and focus my simulator sessions on certain dates. The Training Days are good to run but in reflection, I enjoy them mostly with my regular clients. They do have more sense when I know what points I want to work on and how an intensive session can add to the rider's tool kit.
I will still run my simulator sessions and seat training for non-programme riders as I have been as those are very specific, great fun and a challenge at the same time. They are very good for making significant changes in the seat biomechanics which I very much enjoy.

This move will allow me to make the training days more attractive price wise to my programme riders and to generally align the Academy's coaching goals with the value of continuity. More about it soon.

For now, night night :)


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