Thursday, 1 January 2015

365/2015 - Let the project commence :)

New Year's Day 2015 with Joker
Possibly unnecessarily but I'd been waiting for the 1st of January with my 365 days on the blog project. This has nothing to do with all the reinventing oneself hype. I am more of a "let's write a good chapter" type of a thinker when it comes to New Year. No "won't do that", "won't eat this" mentality but more of a "let's add some more good ingredients to the mix".

I have neglected this blog for a couple of years while writing my book but I think I can make time for this blogspot space in 2015 :) I am setting myself this project because I feel I could have been even more proactive and brave last year. We all keep diaries for different reasons, mine are very much focused on accountability and reflection. Writing makes me stop, re-think, re-charge and kick on ;)

It will all probably be very random, just some thoughts, pictures, moments but hey, that's why blogging is awesome - no strict rules and full creative expression ;)

It's been a great relaxing day so far. The top picture is from the morning, brisk and cold and windy - just as a good wake up morning can be.

We had some tasty, long, late breakfast/lunch when I got back home, followed by some catching up on the world news and reading of my really fascinating book I got for Christmas. I will write more about it when I finish it.

Yes, I have decided to go ahead with New Year's resolutions this year and yes, they will be coming in a written form too. Not because I want to create a new me but to add some challenging, enjoyable, fulfilling and exciting projects to the coming months.

I hope I can keep up with post-a-day! Let's see :)


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