Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 16: Meet Joker, quick musing on equestrian fashion and other thoughts of the day

Meet Joker. A horse that is very easy to like :)

Joker being trotted up for the Vet this morning by Helen, his owner
Jo-Jo as I call him is an 8 year old Warmblood gelding. I am helping the owner to rehabilitate Joker's movement issues so I thought I would introduce you as I will probably mention him quite a bit in this daily blogging adventure.

We started together in July last year with brining Joker and Helen back to work as they had both been off for a long while due to injuries/health issues. It was a very slow process in various weather conditions, arena issues etc etc but we were making progress.

August 2014
In the autumn, Helen moved Joker to a yard with very good facilities and this has helped a lot with our ability to schedule regular training sessions.
Joker isn't lame as such i.e. as the vet would call it "isn't lame enough to nerve block" but he has a chronic, ongoing mechanical issues that stem most likely from an injury he sustained 4 years ago to one of his hindlegs. As a result, he has a rigid way of going with lack of engagement or any sort of effort from his back end.

Helen and Joker - 25th October 2014
In October 2014 we started having some really nice, more supple trot work and introduced canter work. By November he was getting stronger and his rhythm improved well. I was pleased but with the work we were doing, I would expect him to show more changes to his action.

At the end of November 2014 Joker spooked while out hacking and made his way back "home" at very unsuitable speed and manner that was really not ideal for a horse in rehab. Following that incident his movement deteriorated to near the starting point back in July and he was moved to a yard with 24/7 turnout to rest and have more out time.

Several weeks later, the decision was made to try to investigate what was going on. We now have a plan of action for the next 30-40 days and I really hope he responds well to his medications, supplement, physiotherapy sessions and rehab schooling.

I will start working him myself from Monday so if you would like to follow Joker's rehab journey, stay tuned. Helen hopes to find him a loving, hacking home if/when he becomes sound enough to be sold. Despite the incident out and about, he is a fabulous hack when ridden in company and although wouldn't suit a novice/first time owner, he is a lovely "person" to be around. Keep your fingers crossed for this chap!

Now just a cheerful note on equestrian fashion trends! I can't quite believe I am saying this because I generally avoid wearing anything horse-related in my non-working life simply because I think spending 99% of one's life with horses warrants other elements in that last 1% ;)

However, I seem to have turned into an equestrian fashion supporter somewhat without even realising!

Well, you see, I love my long leather boots (they are not riding boots ;) but don't own skinny jeans. The black jods seem to do a rather good job replacing those jeans. Also, I own many more pairs of jods and breeches than trousers (actually I have a grand total of one pair of jeans) so since everyone is walking around with knee pads and full seat jods as their normal wear, I am officially giving up the fight and joining in ;)

Until tomorrow!


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